While the life of your average superstar footballer is one of glitzy restaurants and fancy cars, for some of the less glamorous teams, they still need a real job to pay the bills.

San Marino, who will be taking on England tonight in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, are just one such team that happens to be made up of those lads that love the game, and are good enough to represent their country at an international level, but they still need to hold down a day job. 

Thankfully, the folks at Sky Sports have put together this (slightly patronising) first XI teamsheet that shows what each player does to earn a living, which will undoubtedly be a big point of discussion for the pundits in the run up to kick off. 

We expect to hear variations on the following terrible jokes made on commentary tonight at least a few times: Simoncini the accountant being happy to swap a balance sheet for a clean sheet, factory worker Vitaioli putting in a good shift, Cervellini the lawyer being well able to argue his case to the ref, or Buscarini, the student, having a cultured foot. If they come up with a good one for the olive oil lad, then we'll happily doff our caps.

Of course, Ireland face Gibraltar this weekend too, and they similarly have a few players who don't play football as their main occupation, so here's a look at their first XI the last time they played a match in the qualifiers.

Via Who Ate All the Pies. Main pic via Peter Dutton/Flickr