A rite of passage, the first day of the Leaving Cert guarantees two things; sunshine and people promising it's not as important as students may think it is.

Today is the first day of the Leaving and Junior Cert exams for many students all across Ireland. We've all been there or will be there and while it's not necessarily craic-central, we've plucked some of the best tweets out to make you feel a little better if you're in the midst of exam nerves. Or if like us those days are behind you, it may just spark a little bit of, dare we say, nostalgia.

We wish these lads the very best of luck.

There were a tonne of well wishes.

But someone made a pretty good point.

This too.

For some, the class of 2022 is a little terrifying.

Do not use this statistic in any of your papers.

It could be worse, you could have to sit the exams during the World Cup.

Confidence is key.

Perhaps the worst thing about the Leaving Cert this year is that the sun seems to be a little shy.

To all the students out there, it is important to know that these exams don't have to define you. No matter how it goes, life moves on and there's joy to be found in the road ahead — like funny people on the internet.

Best of luck to everyone sitting the Leaving and Junior Cert exams over the next few weeks.