You've got to know your own body clock, and make sure you listen to it.

Well, that's what we keep being told anyway, but we're not sure what that means. Your body can tell you what it wants, but if your brain is saying stay up until 5.00am to watch two straight season of Community, that's what you're going to do.

But thankfully the Daily Mail have told us all the best times of the day to do just about everything, so at least now we have all of the information that we're going to ignore. To be honest, we're not sure where they 

The best time of the day to have sex is 5.48am.

Of course it men and women are in the mood at different times of the day for a multitude of different reasons  that we won't bore you with. What we will say is this, literally nothing is getting us out of the bed at that hour. I know you'd more than likely still be in the bed, but you get the point.

You look your best at 10.06am

I mean, realistically we're looking our best at any point of the day. Fresh as f....nah, I'm calling this one crap because if you want to have a gawk around our offices at 10.00am, you're not going to have a very pleasant time. 

The best time to weigh yourself is 7.40am

Are they sure it's not when you've just had a feed of pints and thrown two kebabs into yourself? You know, because one was never going to be enough, and you can't be going home hungry, seeing as you physically be able to eat the next day. No? Fair enough, this one was probably self explanatory.

You need a nap at  12.37pm

Finally, here's one we can get on board with. While we'd prefer if they didn't just stick us to a single daily nap, 12.37pm seems like a good time for an auld siesta.

The article is full of times accompanying things that we have no intention of trying to do, and we just don't have enough time and sarcastic comments to cover them all. Seriously, we're disagreeing with about 85% of them, but here's some of the other notable mentions.

You're most likely to have a heart attack at 6.53am

The most popular time to get up in the morning is 7.35am

You're at your happiest at 8.00am (No, no we're not, stop lying)

The worst time to drink coffee is 9.17am (piss off science, you're just on the wind up now)

You're most likely to get pregnant at 6.25pm

You're most likely to die at 11.00AM

Via DailyMail