It seems like every other day, there's a new survey or sciencey-type thing on how people deal with relationships.

This one, however, looks like the most comprehensive one we've seen in quite a while. Western Sydney University's School of Social Sciences and Psychology compiled six studies, totaling almost 6,500 respondents and asked them what their ten biggest turn-offs were. The results, we have to admit, weren't all that surprising.

67% of respondents said that a disheveled or unclean appearance was their biggest turn-off, followed closely by 66% saying it was laziness. Again, makes sense. Being too needy came in third at 63% whilst nearly half - 54%, to be precise - said that a lack of humour was their biggest turn-off. Distance came in fifth at 49% whilst being bad in the sack came (heh) in at sixth. A lack in self-confidence and low sex-drive was seventh and eighth place, with 40% and 33% respectively. As for ninth and tenth place, people found too much of an interest in TV or videogames and stubbornness to be their biggest turn-offs.

Again, unsurprisingly, men found a lack of sex drive to be more of a dealbreaker whilst women found excessive video-game playing to be their particular turn-off.

Are we shocked by any of this? Absolutely not. The big takeaway seems to be that if you want a relationship, clean up your act and don't buy Fallout 4.

Good to know, really.


Via Personality and Social Pscyhology Bulletin