Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg aren’t two actors you’d immediately put together, and yet they make the perfect comic duo in this Vanity Fair video which sees them teach viewers English slang words.

The pair star in ‘Mission Impossible Fallout’, which we awarded a five-star review to and have deemed the blockbuster of the summer.

In the featured video, Pegg occasionally teases Cavill over not knowing the meaning of some of the words (you’d wonder why…) though some of the phrases seem to baffle both of them.

Pegg makes jokes throughout while Cavill tries and fails to play it as straight as possible.

Find out the meanings and even the etymologies of such words and phrases as ‘idiot box,’ ‘argy-bargy’, ‘doofer,’ ‘corker,’ ‘dog’s bollocks’, ‘the fuzz,’ ‘hard cheese,’ ‘knees up,’ ‘muppet,’ ‘spend a penny’, ‘all mouth and no trousers,’ ‘damp squib,’ ‘nob,’ ‘know one’s onions’ and ‘tosh.’

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