When you're an actor, there's often certain aspects of taking on a role that can have a pretty negative effect on your life.

Javier Bardem, for example, hated his haircut from No Country For Old Men. Just recently, Charlize Theron spoke about how brutal the eating regime was for her role in Tully. For other actors, it's not so bad - and sometimes just involves a bit of facial hair.

Henry Cavill had to grow out a very sensual moustache for his role as August Walker in Mission: Impossible - Fallout, which had a major impact on Justice League that resulted in some truly ropey CGI.

So, now that it's all blown over, how does Cavill feel post-moustachegate? "I’ve put up with that thing for a year, I’ve learned to love it and now I miss it," Cavill told EW.

"I’m glad it got so much in the way of media attention and everything because if I ever grow a mustache again, I can look back and know that I can find so much in the way of videos and memes and Instagram posts, whatever it may be just to remind me of what it was like."

In fairness, it was an incredible moustache and it's a real shame that it hasn't brought them back to full usage beyond actors for roles as cops (looking at you, Chris Evans) or CIA agents.


Via EW