Helen Mirren, ever the ass-kicking and no-shit-taking legend, just upped her game and position in the all round hero leagues after fulfilling a dying boy's dream of having tea with the Queen.

Ten-year-old terminally ill Oliver Burton wanted nothing more than to have afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, but because the Queen is the Queen with a schedule far too packed with waving at commoners and shaking hands of people of varying wealth she had to say no. So being the absolute sounder that she is, Helen Mirren stepped in to make his wish come true.

Mirren brought Oliver and his family to the Gielgud Theatre in London where she is currently playing the role of the Queen in The Audience, and, still dressed as Herself, invited Oliver backstage to have tea with her and her corgis, staying in character the entire time. She even went to the effort of knighting the boy.

'She stayed in character for the whole thing and had a butler. She was really lovely.' Oliver's father said. 'Oliver thought she was the real Queen, and well, that's good enough for us.'

Mirren is already a Dame, but if there was/is a higher accolade she can get, can we please make sure she gets it? When asked about the evenings event, Helen even held her composure without bigging up the situation for her own gain and simply said 'It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet such a brave young man'.