Naw, doesn't she look like little Rosie Webster now that she's gone brunette again... OK, her hair reminds us of Rosie Webster, the face not so much. Not sure what's going on with the mouth there. It could be trying to depart her face in search for a burger now that she's gone vegan. Kind of.

Of her new uber strict diet (vegans generally live on leaves, tofu, and pretty much anything else you can think of which doesn't derive from any part of an animal), Flanagan said to The Sun: "I’ve been really, really good at times but it is hard. Every now and then I just need a burger! But I want to be good and I have been... more or less."

Well, if you're going to fall off the vegan wagon, there's no beating a burger. She could've gone for some high-end organic Wagyu beef, born from an animal who's been massaged and fed beer. But, no, she went for burgers.

Stay classy, Flanagan.