It's good to know that even in these uncertain times, Heidi Klum is still out there, really overdoing it on Halloween.

Previous years has seen the supermodel employ legions of makeup artists, making hyper-niche costumes, but given how this year's pretty much forced everyone to stay at home for the spooky season, she's still gone all out.

How that's, you might ask? By making a five-minute horror short on Instagram with her kids and shot in her house, of course. Totally normal behaviour. The short sees Klum utilising a lot of toilet paper and some poop-and-fart jokes to remind people to stay at home.

Honestly, could you imagine Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell happily taking part in an Insta-movie that sees them farting from bratwursts? Absolutely not. Klum's Instagram leading up to the short documented some of the behind-the-scenes footage, but now pieced all together, it makes sense.

Or doesn't? Like, this clearly cost A LOT of money, but seeing as how celebrities are paying for holograms these days, who even knows what's going on anymore.

Here's the short.