By today's standards, a joint twitter account is more a declaration of commitment than marriage itself.

Indeed Ronan Keating and his girlfriend Storm Uechtritz have become unified on the internet by launching their joint twitter account. If you are considering following @RoandStormy on twitter, you will be treated to lots of photos of food. Some will be close up shots of food, and sometimes beverages, and - on other occasions the couple themselves will feature consuming the food. Observe.

And if further clarification was required, Ronan posted a tweet confirming the food obsession.

@RoandStormy currently have  in the region of 1,500 followers. The most famous to date is Pippa O'Conner, which kind of puts things in to perspective. For example, do Pippa and Brian have a joint Twitter account? No. Should they? Probably not. No one should. It's a bit heave-inducing, and the fact it's all about food for some reason *ahemsfreefood/pendingtvshowaboutfood?* really isn't helping our already dickie bellies.