The British courts must be sick of the sight of Heather Mills at this stage. This time, however, they might just be on her side, despite the fact that on her last appearance she dumped a jug of water over her husband's divorce lawyer's head.

Ex Mrs. McCartney is being taken to court by her former nanny and housekeeper, Sara Trumble, who claims she was exploited by Ms. Mills - forced to blow dry her boss's hair and give her naked spray tans, as well as working anti-social hours. Heather, on the other hand, feels that gifting cast off baby clothes and invites on expensive holidays should be compensation enough for such humiliating work.

A source told The Mirror "Sara and Heather started out as friends but it all went wrong after Heather's divorce." Gee, I wonder if that could be because the nanny realised she could make a mint off the £24million divorcee? Hmmm...  So far, Heather has rejected offers to make an out-of-court settlement because she feels the claim is motivated by money, and of course, she is one to talk.

Jenny Mulligan