We thought Heather Mills' ex-publicist was keeping rather quiet. There was the initial outburst from Michele Elyzabeth, saying Heather was a bit of a handful, but now she's coming across with the juicy stuff: "That witch tricked me into spreading lies about Paul. She's a b*tch. Heather used me as her mouthpiece for four years and I am ashamed to say throughout that time I simply told lies. I believed she was telling the truth but now I realise she conned me... (She is) a calculating, pathological liar and the biggest b*tch on the planet... I was foolish and saw (Mills) simply as the devoted humanitarian, charity campaigner and protective mother she wanted the world to see."

Wow. Revenge must taste sweeter than new clients. Seriously, can you seen legions of people lining up to be represented by Michele after that tirade? Although, she is easily manipulated and good at keeping secrets - until you piddle her off, that is. She managed to keep this morsel to herself for a spell: "Heather told me she'd made this documentary about her relationship with Paul, which showed he was an abusive husband. She said that it was going to be explosive and destroy Paul's world. It would prove to the world he was an abuser... Heather told me she'd produced the film in England, and asked how much we could get for it... They (U.S. TV executives) were ready to pay a large sum and I told Heather it could fetch a million." However, according to WENN, when they viewed the film, Elyzabeth claims the "TV bosses realised they had been duped" by Mills. Elyzabeth concluded with: "Heather had manipulated this whole thing just to find out how much money she could get for selling her personal family home videos... The b*tch lied. It was now obvious there was no documentary of any sort."

In other Heather Mills "is a b*tch" news; remember she said she was going to dontate some of her €30million divorce settlement to charity? Well, it appears the money she promised to Adopt-A-Minefield is still, eh, resting in her account. A source said: "They have waited in vain for their millions. She's had plenty of time, but sadly it's yet another untruth by the queen of lies."