If you're heading off on your holidays this summer, be prepared to see a strange sight at Dublin Airport.

In line with many European cities - who have placed an increased police presence at airports, ports, train and metro stations - Gardaí are to begin armed policing at Dublin Airport and Dublin Port in response to the growing threat posed by terrorist organisations around the world.

As The Irish Times report, the new Regional Support Unit (RSU) will provide a visible armed presence at both locations after a meeting took place at Garda HQ in the Phoenix Park yesterday.

Apparently, a Dublin-based RSU had been in the works since last year, but until now had no presence at either port. The armed Emergency Response Unit have been deployed when necessary in the past, but the RSU will now be stationed there full-time.

In any case, it's debatable whether the sight of Gardaí in "SWAT-style uniforms and carrying high-velocity weapons" will make you feel more secure or more anxious as you head off on your holidays.