He did really want to make him cry. A jury has found 46-year-old Boy George guilty of "falsely imprisoning" the 29-year-old Norwegian male escourt by tethering him to a bed and threatening him with a chain. I know! He got found guilty despite his defence lawyer peddling this convincing argument: "With the greatest of respect to George O'Dowd, he is not someone you could describe as terribly fit. He has put on a few pounds since the 1980s. He's not going to be a match for Audun Carlsen." Yes... that's quite possibly why he drafted in a mate to help him with the handcuffing.

According to The Sun: "It happened on April 28 last year while O'Dowd investigated alleged tampering with his computer The singer had accused Mr Carlsen of obtaining photos of himself from his laptop, taken by the singer when the pair met three months earlier. He told cops he did not punch or assault Mr Carlsen or swung a chain at him as the escort fled the flat. Instead he suggested the bruises Mr Carlsen got could have been because he was HIV positive. The defence claimed the dispute was over whether Mr Carlsen had stolen photos and, in doing that, 'messed up' O'Dowd's computer... Mr Carlsen told the court O’Dowd concocted the story about computer tampering so he could punish him for not having sex during the first meeting. He said: 'I think he couldn't handle the refusal - me not having sex with him'."

The singer, who didn't give any evidence himself during the trial, is due to be sentenced on January 16th.

Happy New Year to you, Boy!