From What About Bob? to The Sopranos, we've seen plenty of on-screen representations of counsellors and pyschotherapists, and they've always managed to help the people they've been dealing with.

As a result, we get a picture of insightful and caring professionals who are more often than not a hugely important factor in the lives of the people they interact with. Thanks to the continuing success of campaigns surrounding mental health also increasing, for both men and women, more and more people find themselves aware of the times when they need to reach out and talk and how important that can be.

Pic via HBO

If you've found yourself thinking about the characters you see on-screen or fascinated by learning how the complex machine that is the human mind works, then you may wish to consider becoming a counsellor. If you feel that your future could lie in helping people to deal with issues and problems in their lives, you can qualify in just 3 years with a BA (Hons) Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Information Days will take place on Thursday 26th June and Friday 18th July (11am – 6pm) and students can drop in to learn more about the course.

Since 1991, PCI College has specialised in the education of Counsellors & psychotherapists with part-time professional accredited degree programmes. PCI College is now offering a three year full-time BA (Hons) Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy at its Dublin City Centre Campus, 7 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. Beginning in September 2014, the BA is validated by HETAC and designed to meet the criteria for accreditation as a professional counsellor.

Counselling is a fulfilling career and can change your life as well as the lives of others. People who become counsellors are genuinely interested in human behaviour and have a strong desire to help others improve their mental well-being. They are also skilled at interacting with people on a personal level, while maintaining a professional relationship. Today more than ever there is a need for trained counsellors and psychotherapists. There is increased acknowledgement of the growing need for Counsellors within the HSE, Community Primary Care Groups, Schools and the Private Sector.

By completing the PCI College BA (Hons) degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy, individuals will ensure that they have equipped themselves with the necessary qualifications and training to be recognised and effective as a professional counsellor. PCI College is at the forefront of training and developments in the counselling and psychotherapy profession in Ireland, with over 20 years’ experience in the provision of accredited programmes.

As part of the course, there is also a hugely practical element, which means that students will do 50 hours of Personal Therapy, 100 hours Client Work, 20 hours Supervision and 24 hours of Personal Development Workshops. If you think this might be for you but don't have the ability to return on a full-time basis, then PCI College also offer a part-time BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy for students who want to study counselling alongside other commitments.

An introductory Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy is available in classroom and by Distance Learning for those who wish to learn foundation skills in counselling or to meet part of the entry criteria for the BSc degree. Full details of the BA (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy are available on the PCI website or contact them now at 01-464 2268. You can also reach them by email on [email protected] to get more information on starting on the path to a professional counselling career.