Right so the weather isn't all that good at the moment, but it could get better at any second, so we all need to have the barbecues at the ready.

Of course, not just any barbecue will do for the Man Cave, we like to inject a bit of style and panache into everything that we do, which is why the Kara model from Cesarré is our bbq of choice.

More than a mere pit where your foods are grilled, the Cesarré Kara is also a work of art (according to the website) that adds elegance to anywhere you think to put it. Something tells us the decking out the back might not be a location befitting of a piece like this.

Yes, it's a luxury item, and it also comes with a luxury pricetag of around €5,400, but look at it this way: it's an ice-breaker, and you'd certainly end up using your barbecue a little bit more often than you do now. Can you barbecue cereal? There's only one way to find out.

Given our rather unfavourable climate, we're fairly sure that you could attach an umbrella to this somehow, or make it into a sort of grilling tent, but that would be after you've figured out how the hell to put the thing together, which might turn out to be a bit of an ordeal, just judging by the look of it.

Homer trying to do a BBQ by TheCoe86

For now, we'll have to leave this on the wish list, but if you know anyone with a few thousand spare quid, give them our number.  

Via Manners.nl