D'you know what the viewing public just can't get enough of? Talent shows. Yep, we could just watch talent shows until the cows roll home, especially since producers aren't exactly pushing the boat out when it comes to innovative formats. My housemate just sent this on to me, asking if I'd seen her hoola hoop and glittery leotard knocking about.

It's your time to shine for county, for country, for EUR50,000.

Do you play the spoons, or have a magic act? Perhaps you own a talent
pet, or you sing, dance, or play an instrument? Shock, surprise,
entertain - what is your party piece? Maybe you have a hidden or not
so hidden talent? And what if it could win you EUR50,000?

If so, RTE One's new primetime entertainment series - The All Ireland
Talent Show
- wants you!

The All Ireland Talent Show is holding auditions in five regions
around the country, and are open to everyone of all ages. Each
audition centre has a number of counties assigned to it in order to
allow you represent your county and region.

Audition pieces need to be no longer than two minutes, and you can be
a solo or a group act. So put your thinking cap on, there's EUR50,000
at stake.

Auditions begin 15th November in Dublin, continue in Galway on 22nd
Nov, Derry on 29th Nov, Kilkenny on 6th December and Cork on 13th Dec.

Application Forms and more information are available by contacting:
Email: [email protected]
(Ireland's leading Independent Television Production Company...) Phone: (01) 448 0543.

It's times like these I really wish I could play the spoons or was in possession of a 'talent pet'. What's the point, no one from Dublin wins these things anyway...