If the idea of whiling away your days away from the hum of cities and society sounds like the dream to you and living in the back arse of nowhere in this country isn't enough for you, then this job on the world's most remote inhabitated island may be right up your street.

Tristan Da Cunha (not above - is an oversea territory of the United Kingdom in the South Atlantic that is 1,243 miles away from the nearest inhabited island and 1,491 miles away from mainland Africa with a population of 265 people and the government there are currently looking to hire an 'agricultural advisor' to the people there to help with the 1,000 acres of poor grazing land there.

The locals, who live in the single village on the island 'Edinbugh of the Seven Seas', are keen to stop relying on imported food so much and grow their own and have cattle and sheep. The job, which comes with free accommodation and travel as well as a salary dependent on experience, is for just two years (but this is dependent on the shipping schedule which only sees nine trips to the island from South Africa in 2016). You can't really get more 'away from it all' than that.

 You can get a snapshot of a day in Tristan Da Cunha in the video below.

Via Metro