After a number of months away from the spotlight, Harvey Weinstein himself appeared in bankruptcy court yesterday in an attempt to get TWC - the company which bears his name - to turn over his e-mails, which he believes can exonerate him of any wrongdoing.

The embattled producer, who's facing a number of criminal investigations into his alleged behaviour, was sighted in court and in court papers filed on Friday blasted TWC and its board, which includes his own brother Bob Weinstein.

In the statement read out in court, Weinstein's legal team argued that "TWC prefers that Mr. Weinstein be unable to defend himself," and added that their "withholding of exculpatory e-mails is a manifest injustice to an individual’s due process and should not be tolerated."

TWC, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, fired Weinstein shortly after a number of women came forward with accusations against Weinstein for sexual harassment and assault.

You can read the full filing by Weinstein here.