We've all roused the bones in some strange place or other throughout our lifetimes. A hallway, under a pool table, between two wheelie bins down an alleyway. Well, we're in good company. Harry Styles once ell asleep in a dog basket. A celebrity dog basket but a dog's basket nonetheless.

The dog bed in question belonged to Rochelle Humes. Yep, she's changed her name to Humes now that she's married to Marvin.

Back to the doggy action. The One Direction star - famed for his romancing of the older ladies - attended a party at the house The Saturdays singer shares with her new hubby, and after a few too many drinks, the 18-year-old heartthrob passed out in their pooch's bed.

Rochelle said: "I remember one time Harry fell asleep in my dog's bed. The boys were all at our house having a party and having a great time. Marvin BlackBerried me a photo and there was a body asleep in Tiger's bed. It was Harry! In there on his own, having a nap in the dog's bed, all curled up." In Jaysis knows what.

Rochelle has grown quite fond of Harry and says he was thrilled to be a guest at her recent wedding to Marvin - because there were so many female guests there.

She added to heat: "I think he liked being at the wedding. You know what he's like - he gets linked to everyone, but he's never happier than when he's in a room full of women, so he liked the wedding."