Sorry brunette Harry Styles fans of the world, it turns out Harry has a type and it ain't you. That is unless you reach for the peroxide or invest in a decent wig.

When it comes to European beauty, it really is hard to compete with the good looks of the Scandinavians what with their leggy frames and natural blonde hair, and it appears that it was all too much for Harry Styles and his crotch after he partied away on a bus full of Norwegian fans. Harry was being stalked across the country by student Camilla Foss and a group of her One D-crazed mates who are on some mad One Direction EuroTrip or something, and invited Harry onto their bus for 'a wild boozy bash', according to The Sun, after meeting him while coincidentally eating at the hotel One Direction were staying in.

'Harry was overjoyed to get the invite to jump on the bus with screaming fans. There were loads of girls pawing him, but he focused on Camilla. It got pretty sweaty in there. Fans are saying they’ve been seen kissing and she’s been spotted at his hotel.' So if you want to nab Harry, all you have to do is stalk him for awhile, eat at the hotel he's staying in, swoop in on any chance you see him and invite him for a sweaty, boozey shindig somewhere.

Between Camilla, Kimberley Stewart and Taylor Swift, Harry definitely seems to prefer blondes. At least in his ladies.

Meanwhile, Harry had a close encounter of a different kind with a fan yesterday when one (brunette) broke ranks and hurled herself at the boy as he was leaving his hotel. If you're in any doubt of what Styles thinks of non-blondes, let this image do the talking for you.