UPDATED: The Mirror are reporting that Caroline was not dumped, which you can pretty much take as fact considering Harry's tweeted: “Please know I didn't 'dump' Caroline. This was a mutual decision.” Amazing that The Sun opted for the more salacious angle, innit.


Apparently it came as a surprise.

The Sun
reports: "She hid her pain over the break-up at Wednesday's National Television Awards, where she was a backstage presenter (her dress did most of the presenting). A source said: 'It was never going to work and Harry knew that. The split happened very quickly after Harry made the decision to call it a day. He spoke to Caroline and explained that he thought it was best they break up. They've been spending a lot of time together so it's a blow to Caroline, who was serious about the relationship. After their romance became public it put a lot of pressure on young Harry. He'll be spending a lot of time in the US with the band this year so knows it will be hard to keep things on track."

So that was worth all the death threats from crazy teenage girls then Caroline, yeah?

Honestly though, for all the flack Caroline's getting (apologies), I happen to know where she's coming from. Sort of. I once had a (very brief) fling with someone 9 years my junior. He was almost 21 and I'd just turned 29… And that still felt strange. Thrilling, but strange. Especially when we went out with his mates…

Bottom line, you can't control who you’re attracted to. But you can control what you do about it. And, sometimes, you just have to go with it. Preferably if the bloke in question has lived a little. i.e. not a teenager who's trying to break the states with his boyband.

Just saying.