How is Harry Styles only 19? Seriously. It feels like One Direction have been around forever, so the fact that there are still technically 'teen' aged boys in the group is unsettling.

Harry celebrated the big 1-9 (yep, still feeling really old) by having a night out in not one by three of London's more well known establishments. Starting the night in the Groucho club in Soho, before making a short walk around the corner to Gerry's Bar, and then heading on to Base club to finish his night. Nothing like living while your young Harry? Fingers crossed he didn't mark the event with another ridiculous tattoo, although his mama and Simon Cowell did put a stop to that.  Although he did head home to 'a private residence' at 4 am, so Harry could still be partying away as we speak. I wonder does he get wasted and sing Taylor Swift for the laugh?

Harry was joined by James Corden, Zara Martin, Nick Grimshaw (whose 'friendship' is a little too suspect for some), and the Flackster. Nice to know you can still be mates with the guy whose fans sent you death threats.

Anyway, happy birthday Harry! Now start making better life choices. Taylor's next song is probably going to be about you.