Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were bound to have an awkward encounter either at or after MTV's Video Music Awards on Sunday seeing as they were sharing the VIP area and both won awards, and it looks like they can just about tolerate each other when there's a mutual friend and at least two people between them.

Even after Taylor called Harry out of-so-not-subtly in her acceptance speech and got caught on camera telling him to 'Shut the f*ck up' and Harry checked out her ass as she went by him during the show, they found the time to be civil to each others faces in the presence of Ed Sheeran the the VMA after party.

Maybe she felt bad that Harry and the rest of the One Direction boys were booed when they took home the award for Song of the Summer, or someone told her that her bitch-sesh had been caught on camera and that she needed to save face, but either way they were able to share the space at what is thought to be Robin Thicke's after party even though Taylor's still pissed at Harry. According to the Daily Star's source 'She’s still fuming over the way Harry treated her. She thinks he’s a total fake and wants everyone to know.'

However, when asked at the New York premiere of One Direction: This Is Us in New York last night, Harry said 'went for dinner' and 'had a mocktail' at the after party. Possibly with the boys, possibly plus Ed Sheeran, but probably not plus Taylor. There's only so much Ed Sheeran can accomplish now really.

Ed Sheeran. Builder of peace bridges.