Whatever about Sean Quinn "making" his "unsuspecting" wife director of 63 Quinn Group companies in the Republic, 28 Quinn companies in the U.K. and secretary of about 10 companies - Spurs coach Harry Redknapp put £189,000 in his dog's name. Rosie.

The Sun reports: "The footie manager - who denies tax evasion - is accused of hiding money from the authorities by stashing it in an offshore bank account set up under the name of his dog. Prosecutors say former Portsmouth FC owner Milan Mandaric channelled two secret payments totalling £189,000 into Redknapp's Monaco bank account in order to avoid income tax and National Insurance payments... Redknapp and Mandaric, 74, both denied two charges of cheating the public revenue when they appeared in the dock at Southwark Crown Court in Central London."

Prosecutor John Black QC said in court yesterday: "The account was not opened in the name of Harry Redknapp, it was given the name Rosie47. The account name appears to have combined the name of Harry Redknapp's dog with the year of Harry Redknapp's birth."

Prospective jurors were informed: "The defendants are two well-known personalities in the world of football. Football, for some, can be of such importance that it almost overwhelms every other aspect of their lives. It can instil in people very strong prejudice in favour of and against certain teams, managers and players. If you hold such allegiances towards the clubs these defendants have been involved with, or for or against them as individuals such that it might prevent you from discharging your duty as a juror, then you must tell me."

The men assembled said nothing. All the women started loudly chattering about how much the admired Peter Crouch's headwork - 'cause they weren't aware that Crouch left Spurs to play for Stoke about a year ago. Not that I'm enforcing gender stereotypes or anything.