We should count ourselves lucky a flurry of Irish actors attended Hogwarts, otherwise we're not sure who would've rolled up to the Dublin premiere last night (the film's stars are currently in New York promoting the film, wouldn't you know). But true to form, the lovely Evanna Lynch (looking slightly more recogniseable last night in comparison to the London affair. You can watch John interview her here) and one of the featured Gleeson's turned up to fly the Potter franchise flag (Brendan must've been busy, but Domhnall was there will bells on).

They weren't alone... what would an Irish premiere be without Martin 'Showbiz' King? We also had RTE's Emma O'Driscoll, Sinead Kennedy, the Ryan clan, Mary Coughlan and her daughter, TV3's Elaine Crowley, Will "Hiya, yeah, I need to get some backin' music for my vinyl" McCreevey off The Apprentice, and the lovely Katie Jane Goldin. For those of you who don't know Katie Jane, she's the daughter of Paul Goldin, the world renowned hypnotherapist who's currently helping me with my anger issues. True story. It's almost as releaxing as staring at the eyes tatooed to the back of Evanna's neck. If you find them familiar, it's because they belong to Michael Jackson. And you thought this segment couldn't get more surreal.

For additional photos from last night's soiree, toddled yourselves over to Caught Out, why don'tcha.