They nearly had us. Nearly.

A fake Twitter account, purporting to be reputable publication Variety, tested the Hufflepuff hearts of Potter fans yesterday when they sent out a tweet claiming that Joss Whedon had been hired to write and direct a movie adaptation of The Cursed Child:

It soon gained traction with thousands of users clicking on the link, only to be Rick Rolled, which is apparently still a thing. Fans were quick to react to the hoax and their reaction doesn’t make for pretty reading if you’re Mr Whedon:


Poor Joss.



In what appears to be a growing trend, a fake ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ account, which has since been suspended, caused a bit of a stir when it tweeted that the DCEU was coming and to an end earlier this week.

In January J.K Rowling had to deny speculation that The Cursed Child was being turned into a movie trilogy with the original cast.

But money talks in Hollywood, so we wouldn’t rule it out. Not that J.K needs a few quid or anything.

Via: Digital Spy