Who'd win in a fight; Gandalf and Magneto vs Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner?

Logically it wouldn't be much of a contest, would it? Gandalf and Magneto are two of the most powerful characters every committed to a cinema screen, capable of casting a litany of spells and manipulating their environments to their every whim. 

Indiana Jones, meanwhile, has a whip and a knack for one-liners. Han Solo is Indiana Jones in space and Blade Runner, well, we're not sure exactly how effective he'd be against a wizard and a mutant.

Ian McKellan was recently spotted recently wearing a t-shirt which proudly proclaimed "I'm Gandalf and Magneto. Get over it!" but now seems to have received a measure of comeuppance from something Harrison pulled out of his wardrobe. 

Which one do you prefer? Answers on a postcard...

Image via 9gag.com