Carey Mulligan has been named Harper Bazaar's Best Dressed Woman of 2010. I bet Keira Knightley is royally miffed, she didn't even make the top twenty, which goes thusly:

1. Carey Mulligan
2. Victoria Beckham
3. Yasmin Le Bon
4. Alexa Chung
5. Florence Welch
6. Kristin Scott Thomas
7. Tilda Swinton
8. Natalia Vodianova
9. Natalie Massenet
10. Samantha Cameron
11. Gwyneth Paltrow
12. Andrea Dellal
13. Kate Moss
14. Bianca Jagger
15. Stella McCartney
16. Sienna Miller
17. Sam Taylor-Wood
18. Charlotte Dellal
19. Shingai Shoniwa
20. Coco Sumner

OK, not that it matters a great deal, but there are some I get, and some which I'm finding hugely baffling.

It's nice that they've chosen someone who embraces demureness and doesn't rely on overt sexuality to bring attention to herself as their best dressed woman - but sometimes she goes a step too far down the page boy route. Victoria Beckham in second place is shocking and then not so much as her designs are reportedly flying off the rails. Le Bon, always stunning, even if her latest get up is a little off. It's like she's won Miss Autumnal Woodland Creature 2010 and had a ferret tethered about her by way of celebration. Alexa Chung: I think that's a case of prolonged Emperor's New Clothes syndrome; she can wear anything and it's deemed 'fashion' by association. That dress is half wench, half Sugar Plum Fairy, and somehow half rag. Florence Welch: when she's good, she's like a sultry elongated elfin goddess by way of Batgirl. When she's bad, she's more like Pippy Longstocking lost in a typhoon of dicarded garments. Tilda Swinton: if Florence is Batgirl, Tilda is Batwoman - cowl-necked, cinched weirdness almost entirely in black. Scott Thomas, she's usually elegant. The rest of them: Gwynnie, Kate, Sienna, Stella, Taylor-Wood, Vodianova, all a variation on a theme; the Dellals (one and two) - tacky couture (one even hangs out with Daphne Guiness); Bianca Jagger: perennial animal print overload; Shingai Shoniwa: She could turn up wearing a live goat and I still couldn't be arsed; Samantha Cameron: demographic requirement.

But it's the final inclusion that really motivates a cocked head, a gaped mouth and a furrow brow: Coco Sumner. The spawn of Sting and Trudie has not worn anything but a man's jacket, shorts, gammy socks and brogues for a year solid. What the f*** is that all about? I know they only slung her in at number 20 but it completely discredits anyone else on the list, for the person who compiled it is completely mental. Observe: does this look good? Or this? How about this? Does this one look good? Does it look good now? I rest my case.