I was moments away from shagging off home when BOOM, I realised that it was Robert Pattinson's actual birthday. What kind of stalker would I be if I didn't mark the occassion on this here website with some irrational, stalkery behaviour?

Now I think my dribbling obsession is somewhat warranted what with the fact that I've met the man himself and he is genuinely lovely and foppish and silly and awkward and shy and GORGEOUS and we totally had a moment when he had me hang back post-interview to share some lolz about my crazy 3D phone that 'blew his mind'. Well, Rob, I know something else that could blo- never mind; we haven't passed the watershed yet. But while I may have a slightly unhealthy level of enthusiasm towards the man, I'm not so obsessed that I'll be in my forties, with kids, crying over Twilight re-runs and sleeping in an I Heart Edward t-shirt. Also confirming my fangirl status is the reality that after interviewing him, my crafty colleague Sarah Doran (you'll know her work from our TV quarters over yonder) only went and printed mine and R-Patz's picture onto not only a keyring but also a mousepad. Bit creepier if I arranged it myself but fear not; it was a surprise.

Anyway. Today he's 27. And last I checked he's still got that Queen of glum hanging on by a thread so I'm not exactly close to making him my husband, but as that little lesbian-looking popstar Justin Bieber reminds us daily, 'never say never' and I just have to 'believe' and it may some day happen.

To celebrate his birthday ('cause, y'know, we doubt K-Stew is one for the birthday bants) here's a selection of drool-worthy images of Mr Pattinson. Do we need a more worthy excuse? No.