Last week, the 'handsome felon' Jeremy Meeks ended up plastered all over the internet and going viral thanks to him having the look of a male model in his mug shot, but the courts are not keen for him to be out any time soon. 

Given his new found internet celebrity, Jeremy Meeks has definitely had an interesting few days since he was arrested last week on felony weapons charges. That didn't stop Meeks from becoming a viral sensation and having his face photoshopped in to modelling campaigns for high fashion, fragrances and getting a whole new meme created in his honour. 

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Of course, there are a few people out there who took a shine to him, and donations have been pouring in to help him post bail, with even his own mother starting a crowdfunding campaign to help him out. 

Perhaps that was what the court had in mind when they decided to raise his bail to $1 million, making it pretty difficult for him to get out. However, they may also be taking in to account his previous offences, and what the court are calling his "documented gang membership". 

Either way, Meeks has done a few interviews from jail where he wanted to make clear that he has turned his life around since the earlier offences, and that the felon they're talking about isn't him anymore. His wife isn't too pleased that a load of women are swooning over him either...