Maybe it's just because Brexit is such an incalculable downer, that the most powerful nation in the world is controlled by somebody who thinks the noise from wind farms causes cancer, whatever it is - we all need some kind of uplifting story.

So when a small little terrier dog somehow managed to get on a train from Kildare to Heuston and was subsequently taken up by Irish Rail staff, the nation of Ireland was enrapt by it all. The dog, it turns out, wasn't chipped and appeared to be well-trained. The staff at Heuston Station even decided to name the dog Hamish, because it's a name you'd expect a dog like this to have.

Come the next day, Hamish was on the front page of two national newspapers in Ireland, was the lead story on news telecasts, and just about everyone in Ireland was aware of the dog and was keen to see him reunited with its owners. According to Irish Rail, there was even a substantial list of people ready and willing to adopt Hamish if it came to it.

By the end of the day, however, the story had reached its natural conclusion. Hamish, it seems, was actually named Tyson and has since been reunited with its owner. In a tweet sent by Irish Rail this evening, they confirmed the story and said that Tyson will also receive a chip so that if he decides to run off again, he can be reunited with his owner more quickly.

All's well that ends well, but sorry to the owners, Tyson is a terrible name and maybe considering changing it to Hamish. We've all grown attached to the name and it just suits him better.