Well, yesterday may have been the darkest day of the year, but the sky was lit up quite regularly by some spectacular-looking lightning strikes.

We interrupt entertainment.ie's regular TV and movie news to bring you this thunderstorm bulletin - that was all quite fascinating, wasn't it? We're still not quite used to this fork lightning trend that's been happening in Ireland over the last few years, and judging from Twitter, people can't help but showcase the spectacle from the safety of their homes.

And long may it continue! (The video taking, not the storms). Met Eireann issued a Status Orange thunderstorm warning for the whole country last night, while some counties were also included in a Status Yellow rain warning.

The thunderstorms first began around lunchtime yesterday afternoon, and subsided after about an hour. However, they returned with force last night after 8pm and continued for the next couple of hours or so. One of the daytime lightning strikes even struck a wind turbine off the coast of Wicklow.

These bursts of light and rumblings from up above mark the beginning of the stormy season, but interestingly Storm Armand isn't actually one of our own 2022/2023 storm names that were released a few weeks ago. The stylish storm was actually named by the Portuguese meteorological office, which accounts for the more tropical and humidness of yesterday's light show. Chief Meteorologist Evelyn Cusack says the storm is expected to hang around the country going into the weekend.

Just in case you slept through the show, or you just had really, really great black-out blinds, here are a few videos of Storm Armand from some people on Twitter. Enjoy!

Spooky, no? 🎃