Not even Cathal Pendred could save this little guy.

North east Philadelphia residents were blessed with a horrific sight on a beach over the weekend after a half-eaten dolphin washed ashore.

Karissa Kerns, a 44-year-old mother who was walking on the beach with her mother and 4-year-old son, told NBC about her ordeal, which sounds like the beginning of a 'Jaws' sequel.

The lifeguard flipped it over and you could see a shark had grabbed it and chomped right out of it. You could see the teeth marks and everything. Its spine was completely severed. It wasn’t a full-sized dolphin and it wasn’t a baby dolphin, it was mid-sized. At that point my mom took my son away quick because he was freaked out about it.

One girl grabbed it and she carried it where the trashcans are near a sand dune. We left about 45 minutes after. When I was walking out of there it was gone."

Warning: this is not for the faint-hearted.

North Wildwood Beach Patrol said that they believed the dolphin died before it was eaten, and that it was more than likely a sand tiger shark that did they eating.

Whatever it was, we don't ever want to meet it if that's the damage it can do.

Via NBC10