One of the largest dating sites in the world,Adult FriendFinder, was hacked back in March, with over three and a half million users having their personal information, sexual preferences, and fetishes displayed online.

While the hack took place two months ago, the name of the site was only disclosed this week by Channel 4.

Adult FriendFinder, which has over 64 million users, not only had personal sexual information in its data bank, but also the names, email addresses, passwords, birthdays and area codes its users.

The company have released a statement following the hack, to tell its customers that they are conducting an internal investigation into the matter, as well as working with Mandiant, a forensic investigation firm, and notifying the FBI so they can get to the bottom of the hack.

The information, which had originally been leaked via 15 spreadsheets of data on a darknet chat forum, has reportedly already led users to be hit with spam emails and viruses.

Via Buzzfeed