H from Steps has received the apology he was waiting for from American news outlet E! Online following their major identity mix up, when they used an image with his face on their Ian Watkins story, rather than the Ian Watkins in question, former frontman of Lostprophets.

For those of you unaware, H's real name is also Ian Watkins, so we assume they merely ran a simple Google search and failed to notice the difference between the two Ians, it can happen easily however with such a serious case, sensitivity, care and research are of paramount importance.

This (below) is the face of the man you should keep a wide berth of, a man who recently pleaded guilty to 13 counts of unspeakable sexual offences, not poor H who is of no relation to this man.

Written in a statement on the website, E! said: "E! Online deeply regrets originally publishing an image of Ian 'H' Watkins of the band Steps, rather than Ian Watkins of Lostprophets, and the error was corrected immediately... We are investigating the matter and will take appropriate action. Additionally, E! Online has reached out to Ian 'H' Watkins, via his management, to apologise directly."

Whether H and his management will accept this without pursuing further legal action, we'll have to wait and see.