I mean, who hasn't got $90k to spend on "edge of space exploration" for a loved one? And as for the $46k Hermes Mah-Jong set - PAH! POCKET CHANGE. And for the proper paupers among us, maybe we can even afford to the pithy $900 on "toiletries."

Forever in touch with the everyman, Gwyneth Paltrow has released her famed and fabled Goop Gift Guide just in time for Christmas. To be fair, though, she has categorised the items under a section titled "Ridiculous (And Awesome)". If you're looking for an insight into the exact definition of "ridiculous" on display without clicking on the link, here's what the Goop editors have to say: "While there’s no lack of over-the-top indulgences this time of year (18-karat gold dumbbells, anyone?), this gift guide isn’t just about crazy extravagances. There’s a little ridiculous for every budget."

And by that they mean we might be able to stretch to the "condom dispenser" clocking in at $42. Or the "rosewood handled truffle slicer" for $40. Now, if only we could afford truffles ($175).

If you are in the market for splurging, perhaps you'd like to fork out in the region of $1,500 for a "vintage ball and chain" for your other half. And for the "survivalist" in you, there's a "survival kit" - which you'd need a tourbus to haul around - clocking in at $12,500. At the other end of the spectrum; for those who don't like their bum cheeks getting chilly on match day, there's a handy "heated stadium cushion" for $69.99.

Go on, have a gander, the world is your oyster. Particularly if you have that $90k for the glorified hot air balloon ride.