It's not often you throw out a blanket statement and feel you've said the right thing, but in this case....

Never, ever, ever, never, ever get a tattoo on a lads holiday. Best case scenario you end up with some tribal/barbed wire wrapped around your upper arm, worst case you get the name of an unknown English rapper on your pelvis and your girlfriend dumps you.

As bad as the former is, the latter actually happened to Liam Scott this week. He sent these tweets in to, along with a video to prove it. Obviously quite proud of his artwork, we're not sure how he feels about his girlfriend Lauren dumping him almost instantly after finding out he'd got inked.

Just in case there are some doubters(or haters) out there, he's kindly provided the world with a video to prove it too. The fact that the tweet before the photos was a 16 second video of him scooping sick out of a toilet with a saucepan was enough proof for us.