If you recall, the world was supposed to be destroyed by a gigantic planet last month and wipe out all human existence as we know it.

A previously undiscovered planet, known as Nibiru, was supposed to plant us all in the face in and around September 23rd - and wouldn't you know it - we're still here, just waiting for it all to happen. The man behind the prediction, Christian numerologist David Meade, has now made a new prediction as he says his maths were faulty on the last one.

As it turns out, October 15th, which is a Sunday, will kick off a seven-year period of "tribulations", which will see nuclear exchanges between the US, UK, China, Iran and North Korea. On top of all that gravy, Meade also predicts that an asteroid - called Wormwood - will hit Earth at some stage and cause mile-high tsunamis and wipe out major cities all over the planet. Meade, who really is on a roll here, says that Nibiru will pass by Earth at some point within the seven-year period and cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

So, yeah, if you're planning on doing anything with your life in the next seven years or so, better get it done before next Sunday.

Of course, the far more likely reality is that there is no planet Nibiru - as stated by NASA repeatedly - and that any nuclear exchanges taking place between the West and North Korea, Iran or China is due to that guy with the hair in the White House. As for the asteroid coming out of nowhere to Earth, Michael Bay has prepared us for that eventuality - we send oil rig workers up on a NASA shuttle to drill through and plant a bomb to break the asteroid in two.

D'uh, that's just good science right there.