Everyone is guilty of the odd little embellishment on their CV. 

The interest and hobbies section is generally the most popular section for people to exercise their creative licence. Perhaps you said you lied about going travelling for a year? Or that you were an avid football player for your local club. 

Whatever fib that you decide to add to your resume, you really have to make sure that it doesn't come back to you. Otherwise you could end up in a situation like this guy Javier Acosta’s friend. 

Acosta took to Twitter to ask for advice for his friend who lied on his CV about having mastered the piano at 15 and was now being asked to put on a performance for his bosses. 

With just two days to learn skills to rival Beethoven, his friend began to consider resorting to desperate measures.

Surely he means least painless? Some people were very unhelpful. 

Or offered some terrible advice.

Others offered up some pretty good excuses. 

In the end Javier's friend decided to use the carpal tunnel syndrome excuse. That old chestnut!

Well that's a relief. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Be honest on your CV!

Via Metro