In honour of a man who lost his life as a result of drink driving, one guy spent his Saturday night offering people lifts home from the pub.

One year ago, on the 22nd of June 2013, Matthew Cordle crashed into and killed Vincent Canzani after he got behind the wheel of a car having spent the night drinking. Despite his lawyers telling him they could get him off, he opted to confess in a video that went viral, and he is now serving a six-and-a-half year jail sentence.

This weekend was the anniversary of that night, and because Matthew was in jail, he reached out to Alex Sheen, founder of the 'because I said I would' non-profit organisation. Alex decided that, in honour of Vincent and to help Matthew do some good, even though he was behind bars, he would spend his Saturday evening giving drunk people a ride home so that they wouldn't get in to their cars. He went to the busiest bar in his neighbourhood with this sign:

Pic via Imgur

For the rest of the night, he drove people back and forth from the bar to their homes, asking for nothing in return, and anyone who was happy to get in the car with him found out what the idea was behind it, spreading the message to a few more people, from a bachelorette party who insisted on tipping him (money which he will be donating) to a couple who'd just bought their first house.

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Alex had a whole host of people in the car throughout the night, and if they insisted on paying, he got them to sign a promise card with the amount of their donation to the Mothers Against Drink Driving campaign.

Pic via Facebook

All in all, it was a good gesture and an important way to mark the anniversary of such a terrible day for the Canzani family. If you want to learn more about 'beacuse I said I would', or to get your own promise cards for whatever reason, then check out their website or head to their Facebook page.

Main pic via Imgur