If you've ever had any of your packages stolen - we feel your pain.

It turns out even after inventor Mark Rober had one of his packages stolen earlier this year, the police failed to do anything about it. And so, Rober decided to take matters into his own hands.

Rober has created amazing projects over the years - from the Curiosity Rover, which is currently roaming the planet Mars; to a dart board that moves to always get a bullseye. He's got such a creative mind.

However, he's just like everyone and has fallen victim to packages of his being stolen from his front porch. Now, Rober has come up with a solution to get back at these "dishonest punks."

Implementing everything from a GPS-tracking system, to four cameras recording video, to the big reveal, which of course, is the glitter - Rober's anti-theft device has everything. Not only that, Rober also implemented the most noxious of sprays that has ever existed - fart spray.

Enjoy the video of the glitter bomb prank below, and look out for that genius 'Home Alone' reference too.