They say the customer is always right and that, whenever possible, the customer should always get whatever they want.

Let's say you ask for a picture of popular actor and star of Mad Men, Jon Hamm, in your hotel room. You should get it, right? That's exactly what Andy Gaffney did.

The Wicklow man was staying in the Malone Lodge Hotel in Belfast's leafy Eglantine Avenue and requested a picture of - and we're quoting here - "A picture of popular actor Jon Hamm in the room."

Think we're joking? Take a look at the actual request that was placed on the hotel's booking system.

And sure enough, the staff at the hotel obliged.

Hey, it's a good picture and sometimes, you just need a picture of Mad Men's Jon Hamm to look at. It's not weird. You're weird.

Shut up.



Via Belfast Live