There's photographic evidence of Madonna and Guy Richie publicly holding hands in New York last night. I've not seen it as yet so it's still the stuff of myth and wonder but, if it's true, it's the best way to put those divorce rumours to rest. Not to mention the whole 'Madonna is doing a New York Yankee' affair... His name is Alex Roderiguez (A-Rod to his mates), he's 32, earns €17.5million a year, and is married withtwo kids. Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, claims the stories are a load of hooey, saying: "She and Alex share the same manager Guy Oseary. They know each other." Oh. Is that all she had to say? That's not a denial, more a facilitatory statement about how they met and fell for each other... 's power. Many a source has said the pair have been meeting up at Madonna's New York apartment for a while now. Seemingly he always arrives alone and leaves "as late as midnight." WOOOooOoooo. And, according to Us Magazine: "New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was at Madonna's Central Park West apartment in New York City shortly after his wife gave birth to their second daughter, has learned. One source tells Us that Rodriguez, 32, visited the singer, 49, possibly as early as the night after his wife gave birth." Ok, so they repeat themselves, presumably for shock factor, but it does get the point across. Madonna's letting someone take advantage of her midlife crisis, which was bound to happen given a lifetime of penile envy.