Today is Guinness World Records Day, the eighth of its kind, and it will see over 420,000 people attempt to grab their fifteen minutes of fame by doing some of the weirdest and wackiest things all in the name of world record glory.

Celebrating the day back in 2004 when the Guinness Book of World Records became the worlds bestselling copyright book (The Bible being the bestselling book in the world by about 25 million copies a year), the annual event sees nutjobs and fame hungry souls everywhere throwing themselves off things, into things, onto things, eating things and all sorts of combinations therein. Any records set today are then short-listed for next year's edition.

Guinness World Records have their very own microblog over on their site, but the real action is happening on Twitter, as #GWRday gets trending and people get tweeting their bizarre hobbies. So far we have 28 women squashed into a Mini, the world's largest chocolate coin and the largest solar-powered LED display. Oh and the highest pogo stick somersault, which you can find below.