It wasn't bessie mate, his shadow of late, Justin Timberlake... First, to the injury in question. In case you weren't ware of how it happened, Fallon dismantled his ring finger spectacularly a few months back. Of his eye-watering injury, he posted the below to twitter.

So who was the first person to reach out to him after nearly losing a digit? Only Bono, who fell off his bike last year, leading to a string of surgeries. Speaking with Billboard Magazine, Fallon said: "Bono was one of the first emails. He said, 'Welcome to the club, my Irish brother'... And [The] Edge sent me a thing. He fell too [from a stage, in May]! I mean, it's insane. I go, 'Why are we all falling? What the hell is wrong with us?'"

There's one theory involving the fact that they're all over 40, and that's when the inner ear starts losing the plot. Just saying.