Don't let their size deceive you... babies are expensive. Very expensive. If you're bottle feeding, they're even more expensive. I shudder to think how much we've spent on nappies alone in the last 16 months, but in other respects we've been hugely blessed thanks to certain angels donating us stuff. The child is currently clothed until she's 3 years (she'll just live in a school uniform after that, so we're sorted).

Taking into account nappies, baby food, and creche fees (we won't include the countless trips to the GP and Crumlin as we'd be here all bleedin' day) our little bundle of boundless joy has cost us in the region of €8,000 since birth. To us, that's a huge amount of money. If reports are to be believed regarding Kimye, that's not even a molecule in a drop from the proverbial ocean... are reporting that the couple have spent in excess of  €1.5 million on North since her arrival. She's not wearing diamond-encrusted nappies (although that wouldn't surprise us in light of her birthday present), it's more the price of airfares, nannies - as well as the clothes, diamond earrings, lavish birthday bashes (Kidchella cost a reported €77,000) and so on - that have ramped up the cost. 

So how many nannies does a 1-year-old need? According to the report, she requires "two full-time and three part-time nannies." That's not all, North also requires her own security guard on account of being quite the kidnap target. The price for all that tots up to an alleged €316,000.

She has a couple of fully furnished nurseries, one which houses a "€8,800 crystal high chair", as well as quite the extensive designer wardrobe, amount to €150,000. 

And then there's the toy chest. Seemingly €110,000 has been spent so far. Remember the baby Lambo? Actually, while we're at it, we've not seen Kim toting that boob bag since it's first outing. More money well spent. 

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