Will.i.am has already made a foray into the world of wearable technology with the Puls, but it seems that Gucci are looking past that and teaming up with him on another project.

One of the biggest watch fairs in the world is taking place this week in the shape of Baselworld, and there is going to be a lot of news in the world of horology in the coming days as a result. One of the more interesting tidbits has already arrived, however, in the form of Will.i.am and Gucci teaming up to make wearable technology. 

Will himself tweeted about a new "edition" to the family, which might not be the typo that we all think it is, but rather a clever pun on the project itself, which could see Gucci lending their name to the Puls smartwatch, a project he started a while back.

There's very little detail to go on here, but it seems that both the designers at Gucci and the brains at wherever it is that Will.i.am designs things are working on a prototype, which suggests that this partnership might still be in the early phases yet. It remains to be seen if the final product ends up being of any use, but it could probably only be an improvement on the universally panned Puls.

Via The Verge. Main pic via The Verge