Rockstar Games are bringing out a fun, festive-themed update to the hugely popular title that will see users having a merry yet still incredibly violent Christmas. 

The update allows you to swap your usual array of killing instruments for a much more family-friendly snowball, as well as giving users the opportunity to give their character an ugly Christmas jumper (much like the ones they themselves may be wearing) as well as gingerbread man masks, and a whole assortment of festive gear. 

Pic via The Verge

The "festive surprise" update also has a new feature called "San Andreas snowfall, that allows you to simply have a good, old-fashioned snow ball fight too. 

Pic via The Verge

The developers even hinted that if you happen to log in on Christmas Day to have a nice, relaxing game of GTA V, then you might get a little extra present from them too. 

Via The Verge