You know how some people do everything they can to avoid jury duty? This is the reason people do that.

According to local news, 18-year-old Kevin Davis admitted this week to the murder of his mother and during the trial the jury were shown a video interviewing Davis just after his arrest in which he does into shocking and disturbing detail about it.

According to KZTV, Davis 'tried to strangle Kimberly Hill with the power cord from a video game console on March 27, but when she did not stop screaming, he struck his mother’s head repeatedly with a hammer' and then 'stuck his hand into the open wound and moved her brain around to make sure she was dead'.

But of course it didn't end there, as Davis went on to have sex with his mother's corpse before telling the investigating police 'Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse'. There's plenty more detail from the trial here if you want to mire yourself in grim today, including Davis' behaviour during the trial and his remorse/lack thereof. Safe to say he got life in prison for the crime.

Hopefully that jury got plenty of therapy after having to sit through that. We know we need some now.

Via Elite Daily/Raw Story